Jiri to Nache Bazaar

This is the most popular route to walk into the Everest Region, but it is much less popular than the fly in approach so that even in the high season you will only meet a handful of trekkers per day.  It is a very strenuous approach despite not reaching the high altitudes found above Namche. Since the trail runs west to east perpendicular to the valleys nearly every day the trail decends to a valley crosses a river then climbs to a pass only to decend yet again. This trek will help you to be well aclimatized by the time you reach Namche and give the trekker a taste of the middle hills and villages that are culturally more interesting than the "lodge towns" further up.  There is something satisfing about going all the way to Everest Base camp following the route of the early expiditions.

Duration7-9 days
Distanceapprox. 120 km
Highest point3440m
Best seasonOctober to May