Two kinds of trees are often seen - the banyan and pipal tree. They are considered very holy and are often found near temples, holy places and rest areas along walking routes. Banyan trees have hanging roots and elliptical leaves. They can often be huge as the roots connect and different inter-connecting trunks may grow.

Pipal have heart-shared leaves. The pipal is considered holy by both Hindus and Buddhist. It is believed that the Buddha attained enlightenment under a pipal tree. Hindus believe that the banyan tree to be an embodiment of Laksmi, the goddess of fortune and consort of Lord Vishnu. The pipal is seen as the embodiment of Lord Narayan (Vishnu).

Bamboo is seen throughout Nepal. Giant bamboo is seen in the tropics and dwarf bamboo in the temperate areas. The grass species is used for building and for making baskets.