Do I really need a guide?

I can make your trip to Nepal more comfortable and easier and maybe cheaper by negotiationg on your behalf for food and accomodation. Not only on the trek, also in Pokhara and the other access towns.

Arranging all the formalities for you (entry fees, airplane tickets to Jomson or Lukla, organize porters...) is an other job I will do and I have the latest informations about the circumstances on the treks, you don't have to worry about finding the right way, especially if you want to make one of the treks more abroad.

The best lodges and places to camp are known by me and where you can get best food. I can tell you interesting things about the nature and culture along the way and point you out places of interest you might otherwise have overlooked. If the lodges are very crowded, I can hurry ahead and reserve a room for you.

I speak english, nepali (and may help you learn this a little...) and some of the native languages, so I can help you getting contact to the people in the region.