Lodge in Nunthala at the Jiri to Namche Bazaar Trek

Along the main routes there are many Lodges where you can  find accomodation and food. That's the normal way I do trekking with my guests. With the growth of the trekking industry, facilities have approved and there is now an extensive system of lodges serving major routes. Features such as pavement cafes, sun rooms, private rooms, indoor western-style toilets and electric lights abound. Hotels compete for attention of your stomach with offerings of cake, pie, pizza, steaks, tacos, enchiladas and spaghetti bolognaise.

Prices at most hotels are cheap, but you will probably be quoted the double price or even more if you don't eat in the same lodge which you sleep.
But don't expect too much luxury in the mountains. The "hot shower" may turn out to be simply a bucket of lukewarm water and the toilet may be a latrine behind the hotel. The private room can be a wooden cell with no furniture except a bed with a mattress. People searcheing for "luxury-holidays" are not in the right place here, but the people are frindly and the food is delicious.

In the remote areas you only will find "Bhattis", which are usually wooden or maybe even a bamboo structure close to the trail, with the large house of the owners some distance away. It usually has a simple mud stove with a pot of milk and water to make tea.

If you hire porters, you will be amazed at the luxury of a trekking camp in Nepal. You don't have to carry more than the stuff you need during the day. When you arrive in the afternoon at the campground, the porters will have pitched up the tents already and start cooking your dinner.

You can bring your own tent if you want, but it's no problem to rent all the gear in Nepal. It depands on the number of porters what level of luxury you will have on the trek.