Visas and Permits

All foreigners, except Indians, must have a visa. Nepal embassies and consulates issue visas, or - the easiest way - they can be issued on the spot when you arrive in Nepal, either at Kathmandu airport or at a road border with India or Tibet. The multiple-entry tourist visa for 15 days is US$25, for 30 days you have to pay 40$ and for a 90 days visa US$100.

To obtain a visa when you arrive in Kathmandu you must fill in an application form. Therefore you need a photograph, which also can be made directly at the airport if you have forgotten it.

You can download the visa-on-arrival form here:

For a Visa extension, go to the immigration office next to the Tourism Service Centre in Bhrikuti Mandap. Every visa extension requires your passport, money, photos and an application form. You can extend your visa up to 150 days in a year without undue formality.

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Since 1999 you don't need no longer a trekking permit for most of the treks. Treks that do require a permit must be a camping trek which can all be arranged by me. Please contact me via the contact form on this website.

For following treks you have to pay a fee:

  • Rara
    First four weeks US$ 5 per week; After four weeks US$ 10 per week
  • Kanchenjunga and Dolpo
    First four weeks US$ 10 per week; After four weeks US$ 20 per week
  • Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo & Limi
    US$ 700 for 10 days, then US$ 70 per day
  • Manaslu
    Between September and November US$ 90 per week; December to August US$ 75 per week
  • Humla
    US$ 90 for one week, then US$ 15 per day

National Park and Conservation Fees
Fourteen areas of Nepal have been designated National Parks, Wildlife Reserve and Conservation Areas. To trek in any of these areas, you may need an additional permit.

You need to pay a Park Fee of Rs. 1000 (less than US$ 15). All fees are payable at the ACAP Office listed below or at the park entrance, but higher fees will have to be paid at the enterance. Trekkers going to the Annapurna Region have to pay a fee of Rs. 2000 which is payable at the Department of Conservation on Exhibition Road in Kathmandu or ACAP counter in Pokhara opposite of the Standard Chartered Bank Nepal at the lakeside. The toll is utilized for environment conservation and maintenance of the area.

All these formalities I can arrange for you if you go trekking with me or I also can do it for you for a small fee.