Do's and dont's

You are requested to respect the local culture, their norms and values. Do not act or conduct or exhibit any behavior, which can be normal to you but contrary to local culture and tradition. Try to change yourself rather than the local values and norms.

Do not enter anyone's house or temple without permission. Always, leave off your shoes outside, if you are permitted. The host may not want you inside the kitchen or near the cooking corner and praying room.

Revealing clothes are frowned upon. Do not change dress in open. Hugging or kissing or any other sexual displays in public is criticized.

Do not take photos of locals without permission. They may expect a small baksheesh for being photographed. But it is advisable not to encourage such acts.

Do not pamper the village children with sweets, money or pencils. You may end up with empty wallet but you will encourage them to begging.

Village women do not like shaking hands. Join your hands and say "Namaste" if you want to greet. Namaste almost means "Hello".

While visiting temples, stupas or shrines you have to take left to right. Never leave your belongings unattended.