Internet and E-Mail
To send and recieve e-main and for surfing in the internet, drop in at any of the many cybercafes in Thamel or Pokhara. The prices are per hour, but if you only use the computer for less, you normally pay only for this time. It's anyhow surprisingly cheap. But don't expect too fast connection to the world.

Even in Namche Bazar, Tengboche and Kagbeni it's possible to surf in the world wide web. But it's again slower than in the towns and the price is about ten times higher.

Nepal has a sophisticated international communications system and is within easy reach of almost any place on the international direct-dialling system. Nepal's IDD code is 977. For outgoing IDD calls the international eccess number is 00, and is followed by the country code.

Hotels will book international calls for a service charge. For cheaper facilities use one of the hundrets of communication centres that have sprung up throughout Nepal. In Kathmandu, Pokhara and many hill villages you can make both, domestic and international calls. Look for signs advertising "STD/ISD" services.

The General Post Office is at Sundhara in Kathmandu. It is open 9am to 4pm weekdays. The foreign Post Office sends and  recieves parcels and is next to the GPO. Parcels sent to Nepal must be cleared through customs. This can be tedious, complicated and disappointing. Do not allow anyone to send a package to you in Nepal, and think twice before sending a Nepali a package larger than an envelope.

There is a postal servic throughout the hills of Nepal. You will find post offices and letter boxes in many remote villages along trekking routes. It can be fun to mail postcards and letters from these facilities, but don't be too frustrated if they reach their destination.