The Himalaya, the "adobe of snows" (meaning of the word in Sanskrit), extends from Assam, in eastern India, west to Afghanistan. It is a chain of the highest mountains on earth, encompassing a region of deep religious and cultural traditions and an amazing diversity of people. Nowhere is this diversity more apparent and the culture more varied and complex than here in Nepal.

A trek here is a special and rewarding mountain experience. Fortunately for the visitor, there are still only a few roads extending deeply into the hills. Still, the only way to truly visit the remote regions of my country is in the slowest and most intimate manner - walking.

The beauty and attraction of Nepal Himalaya emanates not only from the mountains themselves, but also from their surroundings. Nepal is a country of friendly people, picturesque villages and an amazing variety of cultures and traditions.

Flag of Nepal
The beautiful Gokyo valley in the Everest region
Crossing a river in the Everest region